What others say…

“ Quelle vie dans ce jeu ! ”

—L’Orgue francophone

“Thilo Muster’s playing is exemplary and full of expression.”

—Matthew Power, CHOIR & ORGAN

“The playing is careful, but passionate”

—Daniel Trocmé-Latter, EARLY MUSIC

Muster’s playing captivated his audience through his immaculate technique, absolute precision and first-class musicianship. This was particularly evident in the choice of tempi and the careful evaluation and use of agogic accent in the phrasing of the music. In this way he was able to maintain the sense of anticipation even in those passages of Liszt’s piece which were somewhat long drawn out and stereotyped. Muster’s sensitive choice of registration clearly brought out the authentic tone colours of the late romantic works, strongly influenced by impressionism. A close link between the organist and his instrument, together with the acoustics of the building, was evident to the audience, contributing significantly to a thoroughly convincing interpretation of the music.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

A wonderful beginning to the International Organ Festival in Magadino. The critic has nothing but praise for Thilo Muster. His playing manifested meticulous phrasing, finesse in registration and a sensitivity to the acoustics of the church, all of which enabled the audience to appreciate the clarity of the counterpoint. The programme began with this year’s compulsory piece, Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Major (BWV 547). We were privileged to hear an immaculate interpretation, setting the tone for the entire Festival. Muster gripped the audience in particular with the forward-moving impetus of the Fugue and the precision with which he dealt with its extremely intricate harmonic structure.

Enrico Colombe, La Regione